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    Here you'll find a few sample spells to help you see how everything goes together. However, this is only one way of doing thigs. By no means feel that my way is the only way. Any experienced Witch knows that any spell is stronger when you create it yourself - so feel free to change the following spells to your own liking, or better yet, create your own.

    Each link below will open to a seperate window to make it easier to print. Once you're done, please close the window or press the "back" button to go back to this page (depends on your browser).

    NOTE: The sample spells all involve using and Alter, but you can do a quick a fast ritual that involves only the poppet. To be honest, the whole ritual thing isn't always necessary and if your Will is strong enough, all you really need is the Poppet to bring you powerful results. However, many Witches need the "Ritual" to put their minds into the "magickal mood." That's okay too..

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