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Break A Hex/Curse Spell

Things you will need:

  • Pins (to pin the name tag)
  • Yellow poppet
  • Personal belongings to make the link (hair, finger nails, clothing, name tag, ect.)
  • Purification incense
  • Purification Oil
  • Breaking a curse herbs
  • Red cloth

    After preparing your ritual space (alter, casting circle, ect.) in your specific magickal tradition, and after making and stuffing the poppet with the the appropriate herbs, clothing, cotton, hair, ect, you may then begin by lighting the purification incense (and candles if you're using them) and hold the Poppet in your right hand an "baptize" the poppet by placing it over the smoke. As you do this, concentrate on the individual the poppet represents (for this example, we'll pretend the spell is for you) and see the image of the real person (you) "blending" with that of the poppet. Visualize a magickal cord connecting both the poppet and yourself.

    Do the above for about a minute then with your left hand, dab your finger with purification oil and reach over and rub it on the poppet. As you rub the oil, say the following (say it with a strong Will):

    "I created you, and I now give you life. My essence is within you, and you within me. You will do and grant my desires and bring me no harm. I baptize you in the name of (Insert your name or the name of the individual here) and give you the power to do as I wish. So I say, and so it will be!!!!!"

    At this point, visualize the poppet glowing with energy and life. Believe it in your every fiber that the poppet is now charged with the power to do as you desire.......then gently place the poppet in the middle of your Alter and place your right hand over it. As you do this, say the following chant:

    "Your power is no more,
    The hex is broken,
    The spell is undone,
    The curse is gone,
    The evil eye is turned away.
    Hex, spell, curse, evil eye,
    Broken, undone, gone, away.
    Your power is no more."

    You might want to repeat the chant a few times if you feel it necessary. After, remove your hand, and sit quietly in front of the alter and poppet and visualize the a black cloud (the curse) leaving the poppet or the person. After a few minutes, give thanks to the Universe for granting your Will. After giving thanks to the Universe, wrap the poppet in the red cloth. You may now get up, break the circle (if you used one), and hide the wrapped poppet somewhere in the house where nobody will find let the magick takes its course...

    You may wish to repeat the ritual for 9 consecutive days if you feel it's necessary. After you finally finish the ritual, then go about your daily life and try not to dwell or think about what you've just done. You've released the magick, now let it do your Will....

    Once the curse is broken, then destroy the poppet. Before destroying the poppet you need to remove any personal belongs that were used to create the symbolic link between the poppet and the person (hair, clothing, ect.).