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  • The Incense magickal properties were taken from Scott Cunningham, David Harrington, and Yasmine Galenorn.
  • Some of the information on the What Is Poppet Magick? section was taken from Raymond Buckland.
  • Some of the Color, Oil, and Herb properties were taken from Anna Riva. Some of the sample spells are also based on Annas' sources. However, I've altered, changed, and modified them to suit my own personality. The rituals performed for each spell are also uniquely mine or a combination of multiple sources that I've used to create my own personal style.
  • The Poppet Image on ther top-left of every page was taken from the following site: The Voodoo Museum.
  • The Wanga Dolls' pictures belong to the California Astrology Association.
  • Some of the Stone Properties were taken from the work of Liz Simpson.

  • Everything else, is my own personal material and is Copyrighted (C) - Do not use without permission!!!!!

Legal Notice of CopyRights, Credits and Disclaimer
Copyright (C) Poppet Magick 2001, All Rights Reserved.