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    Wanga Dolls are sister-cousins to Voodoo Dolls as they come from the same Vodou African tradition. However, unlike Voodoo dolls and the Poppets I discribe in this site, Wanga dolls work in a different way. Poppets and Voodoo Dolls require some ritual and energy in creating a magickal connection between the them and the real person. Wanga Dolls are said to have a Spirit within them, which you basically talk to and tell it what you want, and the Spirit does your bidding. There is no need for pins, oils, herbs, or anything else for that matter in order for the Spirit to do what you want. Using a Wanga doll requires special care, so be careful.

    Researching Wanga dolls is very difficult since you basically have to be initiated in Voodoo to know the real secrets like how to put the Spirit into the Doll itself. However, from what I've been able to gather, Wanga dolls are made for different purposes like for luck, protection, and love etc. Also, Wangas can be made the same way you would make a Poppet, but the design is a bit different.

    I would recommend seeking the advice of a Voodoo Priest or practitioner to get more insight into Wanga Dolls. I will continue my research and post updated information as it becomes available.

    You can buy Wanga Dolls by clicking on the link below:

    Wanga Dolls - 16 varieties to choose from.

    Wanga Doll

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