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    Oils have always been used for their magickal enhancing powers. Like Incense, their specific aromas can add power to any spell - especially in Poppet Magick. I've provided a few common and popular Oils and their magickal properties. If you need or want a specific property not mentioned here, then you'll have to research it yourself. However, I hope the following will be enough for now.

      Amber: Prosperity, Money

      Cedar: Purification, Love, Money, Psychic Power

      Cinnamon: Attraction, Speed

      Coconut: Purification, Peace, Intuition

      Cypress: Comfort, Protection

      Frankincense: Purification, Luck, Money, Protection, Spirituality

      Frank & Myrrh: Protection, Purification, Spirituality

      Gardenia: Love, Peace

      Honeysuckle: Money, Psychic Powers

      Jasmine: Spiritual Love

      Juniper: Protection, Love

      Lavender: Healing, Peace, Love

      Lilac: Protection

      Magnolia: Fidelity, Loyalty

      Musk: Attraction, Lust

      Patchouly: Love, Money, Fertility

      Rose: Love, Healing, Beauty

      Sage: Wisdom, Purification

      Sandalwood: Protection, Purification, Spirituality

      Vanilla: Love, Lust

      Violet: Love, Healing, Peace

      Wisteria: Mental Powers

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