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    Poppet Magick is a form of Sympathetic Magick. This form of magick is based on the principle that "like attracts like." For instance, if you create a poppet in the image of "John Smith," then whatever you do to the poppet will actually happen to John Smith. Imagine that the poppet is a "mini" version of the real person. If you do something to the poppet, then you're doing it to the actual person also. The magickal connection between the poppet and the person (if done properly) will cause John Smith to feel and experience the things you do to the poppet.

    This type of magick was first discovered by early Man about 25,000 - 50,000 years ago (depends on who you ask) in the Paleolithic time. In those days, to ensure success in hunting for food, Man would model a clay bison and then "attack" it and "kill" it. He then felt sufficiently empowered to go out and kill the real bison. Today many people are finding that they can work this same type of magick using poppets - not to hunt, but to solve many of the problems and/or challenges in their daily lives.

    However, like with all form of Magick, Poppet Magick must be used with caution and with careful consideration to any possible consequences (good or bad) that may arise from your actions. Remember, the world works on the universal principle of "what goes around, comes around." Most Witches know this rule by the concept that everything you do will come back to you "3" times as strong. For this reason, it is essential to not to abuse the tremendous power that comes from using sympathetic magick.

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