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    I've provided you with a *sample* pattern below. If this pattern doesn't suit your taste, then feel free to create your own design - Magick is not, and should never be rigid or dogmatic. Magick always works best when you add your own flavor to it.

    Click on the image below to get a larger printable pattern (a new window will pop-up. After printing, close the window to return to this page).

    Copyright (C) Poppet Magick, 2002

      Directions for making a Poppet:

    • Cut two pieces of cloth in the shape of the Poppet. Any kind of material and approrpriate color can be used. (I prefer to make the Poppet no smaller than 6 inches tall)
    • Sew around the doll's seam, leaving one side open for turning and stuffing. I prefer to leave the head open for this purpose (see dotted lines in pattern).
    • To represent eyes, mouth and heart, make a large stich with heavy white thread where marked on pattern.
    • Turn inside out and stuff with cotton or rags. Herbs appropriate to the purpose for which the poppet is to be used for, hair or nail clippings from the poppet's namesake, or small pieces of clothing may be added as stuffing.
    • Sew up the open side by hand to close and complete the poppet. You can leave it as a simple "naked" poppet, or you can go crazy and really dress it up and make it look like the person being targetted.

      Recommended Rules you might want follow:

    • When attempting a spell in which another person is involved, that person should be made aware that magick is being directed toward him or her.
    • When you begin work with a poppet, tag the poppet with a name tag and never change this identification tag. Sometimes when I have more time, I like to take thread and stich the name onto the body of the Poppet.
    • If you change your objective, create a new poppet and start over. Using the same poppet can lead to magickal contamination, which can ruin your spell or bring about the wrong magickal affect.
    • If you are working with more than one poppet at a time, be sure that each poppet has a name tag affixed to it before any ritual is begun (to avoid confusion).
    • Traditionally, some people repeat the ritual every day for nine consecutive days, or until the wish or objection has been attained. However, feel free to design your spell in a way that suits your own personal needs and objectives.
    • Love, money , and protective spells should begin during the time when the moon is waxing (from new to full moon period - see Moon chart below).
    • People usually have their defenses down when they are sleeping. Therefore, to maximize results, try doing your ritual/magick after midnight if possible (or when you know the person is sleeping). This is always a good idea if the person receiving the magick is a non-believer and thus has built-in resistance to even white magick.
    • When you've finished using the poppet, bury it in a place where it won't be found, or burn it and throw the ashes to the four corners of the earth (do this in a secluded place where others won't see you). The poppet must be buried or destroyed to avoid anything, or anybody, from getting ahold of the poppet and using it for other purposes, which can still affect the person who the doll represents.
    • I recommend that before you burn or bury the poppet that you remove personal items like hair, nail clippings, clothing, ect. from the poppet just to be safe.

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New Waxing Crescent 1st Qtr Waxing Gibbous Full Waning Gibbous Last Qtr Waning Crescent

      How to properly use Pins:

    • Pins with a *white* tip are normally used for White Magick workings. When dealing with the darker side of Magick, pins with *black* tips are normally used.
    • In Poppet Magick, the number "9" holds a lot of power, for this reason, most practitioners use no more than Nine pins in each Poppet. I follow this rule myself, but I'll leave this up to you - you decide.
    • The pins must be new!! You must never use the same pins for more than one person. Doing so, can risk contamination, which can have negative consequences, or at the very least destroy the affectiveness of your spell.
    • The purpose of the pins are to help focus your magick energy into specific areas of the poppet. For example, when doing a healing spell to help alleviate a headache, you should stick a pin on the forehead (or temple areas) and use that as a fucusing point to direct your healing energy into. The pins are there as a "tool" to make your magickal working more effective. Many advanced practitioners don't even need the pins as they are able to focus their energy to the desired areas without any help or need for the pins.
    • If you decide to curse someone, be aware that some practitioners believe that if the pins touch each other while inside the Poppet, then the spell will backfire onto YOU!!!! Although this site is not about Black magick, I feel it's necessary that I warn you of this for your own protection - BE CAREFUL!!!!!

      Other Tools:

    • Cords - these are more commonly used in binding spells. Normally, you would wrap the cord around the poppet during the ritual and as you chant your binding spell. Cords can also be used in love spells. For example, you can use the cords to bind two poppets together in order to keep someone with you at any cost. This kind of spell seems pathetic to me personally, but there are those out there who do this.
    • Mirror Box - this is small box with mirrors covering the inside completely. This is used as another binding method. Essentially, you place the poppet inside the box and close it. The mirrors are suppose to bind the individual by "reflecting" any harm they try to do back to him or her.

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