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    Stones, Semi-precious tones, or Gemstones can also be used in Poppet Magick. Like Herbs and Colors, Gemstones also have unique energies and properties that can be used for healing, cleansing, protection, and even love. You can use a gemstone or combination of gemstones that correspond to the type of Spell you want and either insert the gemstones inside the poppet or create a small pouch or "purse" to hold the gemstones and pin it or hang it from the Poppet. Some people simple use the gemstones in the Alter as an extra aid. If you use this method, then try placing the gemstone(s) on the poppet or next to it on the Alter. I've listed 20 Gemstones and their properties below to help you get started.

      Agate: Helps create compatible relationships, helps control temper, cure insomnia, stabilizes, balancing, enhances self-esteem, calms body and mind, promotes inner peace, assists physical and emotional security

      Amethyst: Promotes a soothing environment for the mind, promotes a restful sleep, cleansing, promotes spiritual awareness and contentment, excellent for meditation, absorbs negativity

      Aquamarine: Mental clarity, self-expression, courage, eases fears and phobias, calming, stress reducer, enhances creativity

      Adventurine Quartz: All-purpose healing stone; promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being; enhances personal creativity and originality; stress relieving, soothing

      Bloodstone (Heliotrope): Detoxifying, purification, strengthening, improves talents and abilities, enhances decision-making insight

      Carnelian: Aids in visual hearing and feeling senses, focusing, motivational, stimulating, dispels apathy, increases physical energy and personal power, engenders compassion, encourages present moment awareness

      Celestite: Revitalizing, awakens spirituality, elevating, regenerative, ensures fluency in communication, useful for dream recall

      Citrine: Encourages openness, optimistism, dispels fears, promotes physical endurance and mental clarity, cleansing, supports emotional maturity

      Fluorite: Protective, energizing, grounding, releases negativity and emotional blockages, calming, promotes mental advancement

      Hermatite: Focuses energy towards circulation and release of stress, grounding, balances yin-yang, transforms negativity

      Jade: Protective, Regulates heart beat, increases vitality, encourages harmony, puts things into perspective, inspires wisdom, prolongs life

      Lapis Lazuli: Protect against dark spirits, protective powers, spiritual awakening, mental clarity, protects against depression, aids self-expression, enhances artistic endeavours, boosts immune system

      Malachite: Soothing, calming, promotes inner peace and compassion, balances physical body, cleansing, amplifies current mood

      Moonstone: Calms emotions, balances oversensitivity, opens up ones feminine side, heightens intuition and receptivity, aids awareness of subsconscious feelings, assists hormonal equilibrium during menstrual cycle

      Quartz (Rock Crystal, Clear Quartz): Most powerful of all stones regarding physical health, aids in balancing emotions, balance and purity, AMPLIFIES EFFECTS OF OTHER CRYSTALS/GEMSTONES (use in combination to boost the power of another stone)

      Rose Quartz: Symbol of love and beauty, unconditional love, peace, good, emotional support, positive, responsive, heightens self-esteem, comforting, releases excess fluids and impurities from the body

      Sodalite: Encourages objectivity and new perspectives, balances metabolism, aids sleep, increases spiritual awareness, prolongs physical endurance, creates harmony between conscious and subconscious

      Jasper: Provides stability in financial matters, Money, Wealth

      Turquoise: Health, clarity of communication, encourages affinity with others, self-awareness, leads to "true purpose"

      Watermelon Turquoise: Regulates hormones and metabolism, helps recover from heartache, balance

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