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    I initially created this site in 2001 to fill the lack of information on *Poppet Magick* out in the internet. I remembered how frustrated I became when I first tried to explore this area of magick, yet found it nearly impossible to find even the smallest piece of information on the Internet. Because of this experience, I promised myself that one day I would try and fill this void, thus the creation of this web-site.

    I've taken the time to create this site (by hand - no fancy software was used), so please use it as a reference and teaching tool. If you need help on how to structure a spell/ritual , then please check out some of the sites under the Links of Interest section for some good tutorials. I've included some sample spells, but don't feel that you need to do things exactly as I say. A good Witch takes the liberty to personalize and change a spell (or even make one up) to fit his or her own personality or specific needs - these are always stronger and more potent than any spell you'll see on a book or Internet. Remember, the power is within YOU!!

    Remember, there are many magickal traditions. There is really no right or wrong way to do magick, so please don't email me about how "I'm doing things wrong" (that's your opinion). With time you'll find your own unique way of doing things - a way that works for you. Please don't allow anyone to convince you that there is Only one way of doing things. Doing so, will only limit your capabilities and potential for magickal growth.

    I've included a lot of information on this site. Don't feel that you must use everthing mentioned on this site to be successful in Poppet Magick. I've included many of the tools used (more to come), but not all witches use all of them at the same time. Each Witch has their favorite magickal aids. I've included some of the most popular in order to give you a wide array of choices. If cost is an issue for you, then go for the cheaper and easy to find tools. Ultimately, the most important thing you need is the Poppet and your Will Power. There is no excuse not to be successful - with time and practice you'll become a powerful practitioner of the sympathetic magickal arts.

    Let the magickal journey begin.....

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